April 16, 2019

Cuteness Undercover "F.O.A.P.", clue 1

Ready, steady, go!

¡Preparadas, listas....ya!

Here we have our first piece of the Cuteness Undercover and consists of:
1. Using the navy blue cotton yarn, 5 single crochet (sc) in a magic ring
2. 5 increases (inc) (10 sc)
3. Using white cotton yarn, [1 sc, 1 inc] x5 (15 sc)
4. [2 sc, 1 inc] x5 (20 sc)
5. 20 sc
Cut the yarn and fasten off. Repeat, you'll need two pieces.

Esta es la primera pieza de nuestra Monería Clandestina y consiste en:
1. Con azul marino, 5 puntos bajos (pb) en anillo mágico
2. 5 aumentos (aum) (10 pb)
3. Con blanco, [1 pb, 1 aum] x5 (15 pb)
4. [2 pb, 1 aum] x5 (20 pb)
5. 20 pb
Corta el hilo y remata. Repite todo otra vez, dos piezas en total.

And that's it! I told you it was going to be easy. Can you see what it is? Actually, it's not that difficult, isn't it?

See you in a couple of weeks with netxt clue!

¡Pues ya está! Os dije que iba a ser fácil. ¿Te imaginas lo que puede ser? Muy difícil no es...

Nos vemos la semana que viene con la siguiente pista!


  1. Umm.. the instructions say to only use the Navy blue cotton but the picture shows you also using white? Did you forget to tell us to change colour?


    1. Oops, yes, I forgot, sorry. I've alreadey changed it, thank you.

    2. Not to worry - I've done something similar once or twice in the past myself - and probably will in the future too :)


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