November 28, 2017

Everything is fine, as long as...

Scout is known for being a true character. Only 4 years old, but she's already the one in charge. Not only in his own little wooden village, but also at home.

Don't get me wrong, she's not a bad tempered girl, neither spoiled nor fickle; is just that she knows what she wants and everything else is not interesting to her.

Scout es lo que podemos llamar "todo un carácter". A sus 4 años es claramente quien manda, no sólo en su pequeño poblado de casas de madera, si no también en casa.

No me malinterpretéis, ella no tiene malhumor, ni es una niña caprichosa y mimada, simplemente es que sabe lo que quiere, y lo demás no siempre le vale...

In this pictures you'll see her playing with her wooden blocks with Banana, her inseparable teddy bear. But I'd say that she's more into destroying that in to building. She likes to pretend that is Banana who skids himself into the blocks, but  it's actually her.

En estas fotos la vemos jugando a las construcciones con Banana, su inseparable osito. Aunque más que construir, a Scout lo que le gusta es destruir. Finge que es Banana el que se cae encima de las casitas, pero en realidad es ella.

- "Look Banana, this one's is yous castle".
- "Banana, este es tu castillo".

-"But... Banana! what are you doing! You're going to break everything!"
- "Pero Banana, qué haces! Ya lo has vuelto a romper todo!"

- "Well then, now we have to start all over again..."
- "Pues nada, habrá que volver a empezar..."

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